French Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Egyptian Wooden Coffins

The joint archaeological mission of the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale (IFAO) and the University of Strasbourg directed by Dr. Frédéric Colin has unearthed 3 wooden coffins in the courtyard of Padiaménopé tomb (TT 33).

Dr. Mostafa Waziry said “The coffins are dated to 18th dynasty and are in a good state of conservation. They bear coloured scenes and inscriptions.”

Fathy Yassin (Director of West Bank Antiquities) said “The first coffin belong to a woman called “Ti Abo” and it measures 195 cm in length bearing coloured scenes and hieroglyph inscription. 

The second coffin belongs to a woman called “Rau” and it measures 190 cm in length. It is painted in yellow and bears hieroglyphs inscription on a white painted background. 

The third coffin measures 180 cm in length and has a gypsum layer. It shows brown columns but with no inscriptions.”

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