The New Antiquity Law

The Egyptian minister of culture decided to form a permanent committee in the Supreme Council of Antiquity. The main responsibility of this committee is to check the objects owned by individuals or organizations to decide whether they are genuine antiques or not according to the new antiquity law which was passed by the Parliament beginning of March 2010.

The committee will check the objects according to the individual’s requests.
The secretary general of the SCA, Dr. Zazhi Hawaas, said “The committee members will be chosen from the SCA highly experienced experts and archaeologists”
The Legal consultant of the SCA declared that the legal actions allowed on privately owned antiques objects includes transferring the ownership or giving as a gift and can be inherited but it is illegal to sell it or trade it.
He also added that anyway the individuals have the right to keep the objects they have after registering them. After registration a committee will be doing a regular check to make sure that the owners preserve it in a good condition. In case the SCA decided that it is important to put an object in a museum so the owner gets a fair composition according to the experts’ report.

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