A New Tomb has been found in Giza (5th Dynasty)

The SCA mission headed by Dr. Zahi Hawass found a tomb which is the first of its kind, dated back to 5th Dynasty (2513 – 2374 B.C) south to the workers tombs in Giza.
Zahi said that the tomb belongs to high priest called Rwd-ka who holds many titles and served under Khafra’s reign (2576-2551 B.C)
Inside the tomb, there are colourful scenes represent Rwd-Ka with his wife and the offering table between them. Also there are scenes from daily life activities like milking cows and a unique scene of a calf being born. That’s beside fishing and dancing scenes as well.
Dr. Zahi Hawass believes that it can be the beginning to find other tombs that belongs to non-workers and it can be an extension to the west cemetery after it was packed with tombs.

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