Egypt will receive Pharaonic sarcophagi back from US soon

Dr. Zahi Hawass said that Egypt will have a number of sarcophagi back from the US that was taken out of Egypt about 50 years ago and the American security authorities confiscated them and will return them to Egypt within the next couple of weeks.
Zahi also added that United States is considered the country that co-operate with Egypt the most when it comes to returning the illegally taken from Egypt antiquities although there is no agreement concerning this between the two countries, he also expressed his hope to sign such an agreement between Egypt and USA.
He also mentioned that the 2nd international conference on stolen antiquities will be held in Cairo next year (April 2011). There are 100 countries are expected to participate plus UNESCO after expressing their interest in participation.

As a part of his effort that resulted returning about 6000 objects in the last 8 years, Dr. Hawass said that he will start from next week to send letters to some countries across the world to have a mutual agreements to stop smuggling antiquities and return the stolen objects to the country of origin. Egypt has signed 16 agreement with different countries so far.

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