Memphis development project

Dr. Zahi Hawass announced that the Supreme Council of Antiquities decided to work on a big project to develop Memphis area with a cost of 41 million pounds.

The Centre of Archaeology and Environment engineering, Cairo University will study a plan to control the underground water in the area. The project includes building walls around the archaeological sites to protect it and start restores the antiquities in that area.
Dr. Sabry Abd ElAziz said the project will include establishing a visitor’s centre to show the history of the area that was the capital of Egypt under the rule of Menes (3100 B.C).
That area where the famous statue of Ramses II was found before relocate it in the square opposite Cairo’s train station before it was transferred to the new Grand Museum location in 2006. There are Ptah temple and Hathor temples in the area under development too.

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