International Squash tournament in Luxor

On 19th November till 22nd, An international Squash tournament will be held in Luxor. Behind Luxor Temple and almost opposite of McDonald’s the work began Wednesday to build the Squash court for the international tournament that will be held in Luxor. The 7 top players according the world ranking beside the world’s Juniors Champ will be competing in a special tournament for 25 thousand dollars prize. Thep layers including Ramy Ashour(Egypt),Amr Shabana(Egypt),David Palmer(Australia),Terry Lanco(France),James Willstrop(U.K),Daryl Selby(U.K) beside Amr Khaled(Egypt) the world’s juniors champ.

The players will be divided in two groups, each game will be only 1 set of 11 points instead of 15 and the first and second of each group will qualify to the semi-final. The Final will be played of 5 points.

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