A police trap brings 12 objects back to the Egyptian Museum

Ahmed Attia Mahmod lives at Dar El-Salam district in Cairo formed a group to attack the Egyptian Museum on 28th January, during the clashes that occurred around the museum which distracted the attention.

This was revealed when he was arrested with a friend of his who owns a coffee shop in the same district and a third partner with 12 objects of the Museum’s missing objects. The perpetrators started to spread videos and pictures of the objects to mobile phones of others trying to find a buyer. The Antiquities police in co-operation with the Armed Forces tracked them and set them a trap with the help of a foreigner who works at the American Embassy in Cairo convening the criminals that he will buy the objects for 50 million dollars when the police and military police arrested them by Simon Bolivar square (near the American Embassy and American Research Centre in Egypt-ARCE) with 12 of the stolen objects in possession. The objects are 7 statues, 5 bronze statues and 1 limestone statue beside 5 necklaces, one is golden and the others are made of faience and coloured glass.

With the 12 objects, the number of the returned objected will be a total of 16 out of 54 objects are missing from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

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  1. Ammut isn’t called “The great devourer” for nothing. Better would be to reinstate the “Law of Maat” Which ruled Egypt for thousands of years and by which all inhabitants, from Pharaoh to the lowest slave were bounded to obey.

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