Egyptian Antiquities looting …!!!

Today, Dr. Zahi Hawass received a report about breaking into two magazines near the pyramids early this morning.

Looters headed towards the road to the second pyramid in Saqqara in their attempt to break in two antiquities magazines. They threatened 5 of the guards and the police guard, tied them down and plastered the mouths before they break into the two magazines which are two rock tombs with no carvings. One of the magazines had the reports of Dr. Selim Hassan excavations from years 1929 till 1968.

Ali El asfr, Head of Saqqara antiquities, said “the storage magazine is a rock tomb south to the road to Khafra pyramid and it was sealed with a metal and wooden doors from inside and brick wall from outside, still the looters broke into.” He also referred that an initial inspection in co-operation with the tourism police and Saqqara inspectors showed vandalism in both of the magazines and a number of pottery and clay objects thrown in the entrance of the magazine. An inventory with the General Persecutor to be done.
Dr. Sabry Abd El Aziz agreed on transferring the antiquities in the magazines to the main storage in the area.

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