Forged tickets worth 5 million pounds!!!

On 2nd March, the head of the Egyptian Museum security found out there are many visitors to the museum using forged tickets. He sent the tickets to the police who called for the Antiquities authority experts.
The report stated there are 5 million Egyptian pounds worth of forged tickets that were used in Edfu, citadel and other sites but the surprise was those tickets were bought from the bulk ticket office at the SCA and it has been on sale for 4 years with a price range 50 to 80 L.E
Later, many travel companies filed reports stating that they bought a large number of tickets for their customers from the same ticket office. The Public Funds Persecutor is working on the case at the moment.
In the couple of days after that thousands of the forged tickets were found in Luxor and Aswan in the possession of tour guides working for companies which bought bulk tickets from the Supreme council of Antiquities.

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