Spring festival Celebration at Sawy Culture Wheel

The Chinese Culture Centre is organising the Spring Festival celebration at Sawy culture Wheel on 13th and 14th January. The celebration activities includes Chinese musical instruments exhibition, tea art show, costume show of China’s minority groups, martial art show, and a show dedicated to exhibiting the special folk-custom goods of China’s lunar new year
Chinese New Year is observed for two consecutive weeks, and is popularly known as Spring Festival. It usually starts from late January and early February. The variation in the date of festival is due to the changes in the track of the new moon. The Spring Festival ends on the 15th day when the Lantern festival is celebrated.
In 2012, Chinese New Year’s Day will be celebrated on January 23. The New Year festival will start from January 22 (Chinese New Year’ Eve) and end on February 6 (Lantern Festival). 2012 marks the 4710th Chinese New Year, and this time it is the year of dragon according to the Chinese zodiac calendar.
The dragon is the 5th sign of the Chinese zodiac and it is regarded as an auspicious symbol which stands for power, good luck, success, and happiness.
 Chinese Culture Week,Cairo Feb. 2010 Courtesy: Xinhua/Zhang Ning)

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