Urban and Environmental Planning Seminar Explores Future Opportunities for Cairo

Egyptian and American officials launched together at Al-Azhar Park this week a seminar to discuss urban and environmental planning challenges and opportunities in Cairo. 

Ms. Dalia El Maraghy, from the Office of the Governor of Cairo and U.S. Agency for International Development Director, Walter North, both expressed their support for improving the livelihoods of Cairo’s most vulnerable populations through new initiatives.

Mr. North, commenting on the origins and success of Al-Azhar Park, expressed optimism about the future of Egypt and emphasized the need for projects to have positive social and economic impact in order to succeed.  “I am confident that today’s seminar is an opportunity to plant the seed of another such remarkable success. We are working at an unprecedented time in Egypt’s history, rich in opportunities and challenges, one in which new urban and environmental initiatives need to benefit the most vulnerable urban populations.”

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