Luxor’s new governor speaks about his plans for the tourism in Luxor

Engineer Adel Assad Al Khiat, the newly appointed governor to Luxor said today that his first job will be bringing tourists back to Luxor and making it the world capital of tourism. Mr. Adel said that he has a vision on how to promote for Luxor in the international markets through a series of local and international events. The governor added that he is willing to travel to anywhere in the world to promote for Luxor and he won’t spare “blood or sweat” in order to fulfil this goal. According to him, his policy is open door to his mind and heart even before his office to work with and listen to any point of view for the good of Luxor and the Luxorians.

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  1. Pile of crap and we all know it. I've been Luxor before and after the revolution and its heartbreaking what is happening. Shame on Morsi and his band of thieves. The corruption begins from the minute u land at Luxor airport with customs going through your bags wanting things to let you through or accusing you of bringing things in to sell. The streets aren't safe, pickpockets, bag snatches are becoming common place, kids on motorbikes roaring everywhere even on pavements, no police on the streets and that uneasy tension that you can feel. The people of Luxor will starve without tourism so tell me Morsi WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

  2. I totally agree with the previous post. I have trouble everytime I come through the airport off the thieving customs men. They target me EVERYTIME and find nothing EVERYTIME! I am lucky that I can travel to Luxor 6 or 7 times a year but I can see me stopping it as I am sick of being treated as a criminal. They ask me very personal questions and always want chocolate or money in exchange for leaving me alone. Suffice to say they get NOTHING off me. Bunch of thieving b*stards.

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