Exclusive footage: Sphinx Avenue ongoing work and issues

The videos below were recorded on the 10th,16th and 21st of September showing the ongoing work on the Sphinx Avenue.

Installing the lighting system on the morning of 23rd of March 2012

This first videos shows two people carrying a water pipe that was broken during the digging work. 
(10th September 2013)

An argument over the broken water pipe as it worth according to the one who didn’t get it between 100 to 150 Egyptian Pounds. (10th September 2013)

Children playing and hanging of a cable over the working area of the Sphinx Avenue while other at a further end were dumping rubbish down there.(16th September 2013)

The videos below were recorded on the 21st of September 2013.

How was it like a week before this work start? Check our exclusive footage for a walk down the Sphinx Avenue all the way from Karnak to Luxor temple (Here)

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