Minister of Antiquities visits the Egyptian Museum to check the floor and stress on the hygiene

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Antiquities on a visit to the Egyptian Museum to check the flooring replacement of PVC with Eproxy flooring at Tut Ankh Amoun corridor. 

The floor replacing and wall re-painting should be finished by the middle of November. 

The Minister checked the ongoing work to develop the gift shop too and he stressed  on the cleanliness of the toilets in the museum as he said ” Cleanliness in one of the pillars of prosperity of the nations.”

The Minister also checked the security measurements and confirmed that all sites are open and welcoming the visitors.

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  1. I was just at cairo museum on October 20th and it was anything but clean. The bathrooms were extremely dirty, ceiling tiles falling down and missing. The gift shop hasn't ever been open and is full of dust with no merchandise. The restaurant was boarded up as well. The golden boxes of King Tut are in bad state as well with red sap seeping through and the gold foil cracking and falling off. This needs to be repaired as these are all patrimony of humanity. it is part of the history of us and needs to be taken care of for generations to come. please do not neglect these beautiful objects that bring pride to Egypt.

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