Five statues heads with crowns found in Armant temple

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim announced the discovery of 5 royal statues’ heads in Armant temple, about 25 km south of Luxor.

The limestone heads were discovered today have the crowns of Lower & Upper Egypt. 
According to the Minister, the heads are probably dated back to Middle Kingdom. Each of them measures 50 cm height.
Dr. Mohamed Abd El Maqsoud (Director of the Ancient Egyptian department) said that Egyptologists are working on studying the heads, trying to determine if they belong to any headless statues which were found in the past years. Hoping this will help to identify the statues owners.

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One Comment

  1. Hello Luxor times,

    Who are discover these fives crowned heads please?
    Is an égyptian survey or the French who discover recently the two statues of Nebamon and Ramose?

    Thanks for all,

    Etienne Rémy from France

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