Egypt will repatriate Late Period antiquities from French owner

“A French person who has possession of a Late Period antiquity expressed his will to give it back to Egypt even though has has ownership documents.” Minister of Antiquities said today.
Ali Ahmed, director of repatriated Antiquities department, said “This object is 19cm height part of a coffin and cartonnage. It has three lines hieroglyphic inscriptions shows the titles of the deceased.”

Mr. Ali also said that the Ministry of Antiquities are working in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take the legal procedures to bring antiquities back to Egypt in the near future including the samples were taken from Khufu’s Cartouche from Germany.

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  1. God Willing all Egyptian artifacts and antiques return back to the rightful owners. Egyptians where there is now a new modernizet museum out by the 6th of Oct/ Giza area to keep them all. Isha'Allah Nefertiti's bust bring back from Louvre as she was Queen of Egypt, not France. All antiquities belonging to Egypt must be given back.

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