Osiris statues unearthed in Karnak temple

The French mission working in Karnak temples has unearthed 3 statues and a broken statue base as well as a container holds blue glue which is probably dated to the Late Period (664 BC:332 BC).

The Statues were discovered in Karnak temple, two bronze statues of Osiris. One statue measures 36cm height and 7cm width and shows Osiris sitting while wearing the white crown. 
The other statue measure 15cm height and 3cm width and represents Osiris while standing. 

The third statue is probably made of Schist and shows a goddess sitting and wearing the double crown with a wig underneath. It measures 16cm height and 7.5cm width and bears hieroglyphics inscriptions which are being cleaned to be able to define the name of the goddess. 
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