Promising results of the infrared thermography of Tutankhamun’s tomb walls

The Ministry of Antiquities, Faculty of Engineering – Cairo University and Heritage, innovation and preservation (HIP) Institute – Paris joint scientific mission started the first experiment using infrared thermography to detect the temperature of the Tutankhamun walls, the experiment lasted for 24 hours stated Dr. Eldamaty, Minster of Antiquities.
The preliminary analysis, added Eldamaty, indicates the presence of an area different in its temperature than the other parts of the northern wall. In order to certify the results, Eldamaty said, a number of experiments will be carried out  to determine more accurately the area marking the difference in temperature. A study of the acquired results will be analyzed as well.
Eldamaty further added that a longer time is needed (one week or more) using the thermography technique in order to confirm the results.
Possibility of using other methods is being studied in the mean time to help identify the area different in temperature.
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