The space archaeologist unearthed 4000 years old tomb in Egypt

Middle Kingdom rock-cut tomb discovered in El-Lisht. The Egyptian-American mission directed by Mohamed Youssef (Dahshur antiquities director) and Dr. Sarah Parcak (University of Alabama) discovered a Middle Kingdom tomb in El-Lisht to the south of Senusret I pyramid.
“The mission has been working on documenting and preserving the result of illicit digs which took place after 25thof January 2011 turmoil.” Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty, Minister of Antiquities, told Luxor Times.
The discovered tomb belongs to a High official dated to 12th Dynasty at the reign of Senusret I. The tomb owner held the title “Royal seal bearer”
The mission will be holding a series of training session for Egyptian archaeologists working for the ministry of antiquities on the latest techniques to document and protect the sites using satellite technologies.

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