Exclusive: latest news from valley of the kings with photos from King Tut’s tomb

The radar scan started at King Tutankhamun’s tomb (KV62) by a team of Egyptian and American specialists including Dr. Khalid El-Anany (minister of antiquities), Dr. Mamdouh El-Damaty (former minister of antiquities), Dr. Yasser El-Shaib, Dr. Abbas Mohamed (Geophysics specialist) alongside specialists from National Geographic society. 
This radar scan this time using GSSI radar of model SIR4000 with digital antennas of 400 and 900Mhz.
More about the radar being used from the manufacturer’s web site: 

The scan started by scanning the wall of the annex room to take a reading can be compared of a wall known what’s behind it. 
Then the scan of the northern wall started from left to right (starting from end of west wall going towards the treasury room end of the northern wall) 
The west wall to go yet. 
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