Nefertari and Seti I tombs to open for public

For many years after specialised restoration and conservation projects in two of the most beautifully decorated tombs of ancient Egypt, Tomb of Seti I (KV17) in the valley of the Kings and tomb of Nefertari (QV66) in the valley of the Queens, were closed for public with exception for private visits for nearly 20 thousand Egyptian pounds (approx. 2000USD) for up to 10 persons.

The ministry of antiquities decided to open the two tombs of the father and wife of Ramses II to public for 1000 Egyptian pounds per person.
The decision is expected to be affective from 1st week of November 2016 as the tourism season usually starts.
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  1. Are they really really open to the public? I spent a fortune in October going to stay in Luxor because I was told they would be open at the beginning of October 2016. Ha fat chance! Really if the Egyptian authorities want tourists back they need to get their act together.

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