More antiquities transferred to Grand Egyptian Museum

According to Dr. Osama Abu ElKheir (General director of restoration at the Grand Egyptian Museum) there are 376 objects out of the 525 are from the golden boy King collection (Tutankhamen’s collection), in order to display the whole collection together at the GEM which is scheduled for partial opening before the end of 2017,  for the first time since the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922.

Mr. Essa Zidan (General director of primary restoration at GEM) explained that once the antiquities object are unwrapped, they will be sent to the specialised restoration lab to make a report of the state of each object and do the needed primary restoration for the objects in critical state. 

The objects moved to the GEM include a granite tablet with King Khufu’s cartouch. As for King Tut’s collection, there are pink granite lion head, a number of shabtis and writing tools. 

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