Ancient Egyptian 5000-year-old Brewery Discovered

The Egyptian archaeological mission working at Ghazala antiquities in Dakahlia governorate at the site of Tell Ferkha discovered human and animal burials.

Dr. Ayman Ashmawi, head of the Egyptian Antiquities sector, said that the burials, one belongs to a sighthound dog most likely “Sloughi” and dated to Pre-Dynastic period of Naqada III (3200-3000 B.C).
It is known that those type of dogs were owned by wealthy personals as they were depicted on Pre-Dynastic palettes chasing gazelles.   

The other one is human burial is a one mudbrick room and it is the first of its kind to be discovered in the western part of the site and it is dated to Pre-Dynastic period (Naqada III). The remains of a human found in the squatting position with funerary practices including alabaster and pottery pots.

Several remains of foundations of mudbrick structures were also discovered to the west of the site and itis believed that they were used as workshops during Naqada II period until the 1st Dynasty.
Dr. Ashawi also added that the mission discovered two more sites for beer production in addition to the 5 previously discovered one by the Polish mission which has been working at the site since 1998 which emphasises the importance of Tell El-Farkha in beer production as it is the only site in lower Egypt to have beer production facilities discovered and dated to Pre-Dynastic period.
EMS-89615 Egyptian wooden model of beer making in ancient Egypt, located at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California.
The discovery includes several stone pots and tools such as knives.   

For more information about the previous work at Tell el-Farkha, check the Polish mission site HERE

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