Czech Archaeologists Discover The Keeper of the Secret’s Tomb

The Czech mission directed by Dr. Miroslav Barta discovered a huge tomb of limestone and mud brick dated to the middle of the 5th Dynasty to the era of King Nyuserre (Nyuserre Ini).
Dr. Mostafa Waziry told Luxor Times that the tomb belongs to a person called “Ka Ir Is” who held several titles during the 5th Dynasty including “The overseer of All Royal Works” “Imi-ra kat-nebet net-nesw” 

Mr. Adel Okasha said “During the excavation work the mission found inside the main shaft; a pink granite statue which was broken into two parts. The statue represents the tomb owner sitting on a small stall and wearing wig. The name and titles of the tomb owner in inscribed in the stall. 
The other titles of the tomb owner include “Beloved by his lord, Keeper of the Secret of the house of Morning, Friend/courtier of the King”
Dr. Barta said that the mission with continue the work to reveal and document the rest of the tomb. 

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