Inventory committee completes work at artifact warehouses

Formed in 2017, an inventory committee tasked with sorting artifact warehouses has completed its job in 34 museum stores across Egypt.

The process is meant to protect monuments kept at the different warehouses and make sure they are intact, especially that some of the stores have not been opened or sorted in a long time.

Affiliated with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, the committee has outlined a time plan to sort all warehouses.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Moustafa Waziri said sorting all 34 museum warehouses lasted for almost a year, stressing that not one piece was reported missing or damaged.

Once the sorting of museum warehouses was over, the Ministry of Antiquities started a comprehensive operation at sub stores, some of which have not been opened for many years now, Waziri noted.

This week, a team overseeing the sorting of one of the terraces at Saqqara archaeological site – which has been closed since 1997 – has found signs indicating the removal of some iron poles from the metal ceiling of the terrace courtyard, Waziri said. The door of the terrace has been sealed since 1997, he added.

The committee reported the incident to tourism police to take legal action and start a probe, Waziri said. The committee will continue to sort the terrace to make sure no items are missing, he noted.

He made it clear that the Ministry of Antiquities will continue to regularly sort all warehouses across Egypt to protect the stored artifact.

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