New Era Begins Now


If you are reading this, it means we finally made it a reality to publish a digital version of Luxor Times magazine after years of struggle and plenty of efforts and expenses.

I would like to share with you a glimpse of the past and a peak into the future plans of Luxor Times. 

Ever since Luxor Times was just an idea in 2006 and then started to be a reality when the first print issue came out on 6th of December 2008, Luxor Times is not just a magazine. 

It is more of a cultural and research project aiming to tell the world more about Egyptian history and culture from the Egyptian perspective. That’s why “Luxor Times Egyptology Awards” were founded in 2016 and other projects are on the way. Born and raised sur- rounded by history, yet living a mod- ern life communicating with different cultures and backgrounds helped me to create a vision and a plan to show the similarities between Egyptian culture and others worldwide. We seek to tell the Egyptian side of the story of history. 

After the print version of the magazine came to a halt as a result of the uprising in 2011, We worked online using our blog to break the latest news of discoveries and events which reserved Luxor Times a great spot in the field of Egyptology and gained the excellent reputation of being the first source for the latest Egyptology news from Egypt. Our average online visitors exceeded 2 million visitors a year. At the same time, I was trying to overcome the logistical challenges to create a digital version of Luxor Times that people from all over the world could buy/subscribe online. 

Finally, it came true and we hope with your support that we will be able to go on and evolve every day. 

Now let’s introduce you to Luxor Times, the digital version. 

We are always working to bring you the latest. We want to show you how unique Luxor Times is and will always be. 

A balanced mix between Ancient and modern history and culture topics providing different prospective in one destination. 

Using latest technologies to introduce to you a rich-media illustrated magazine and website including exclusive videos and 360 degree videos and even more. 

Experience the past through the technology of the future. Our present is the future for others because we are always a step ahead. 

Our only aim is to promote Egypt and provide great content for readers of all backgrounds. 

With a new great team from the four corners of the compass besides the team covering Egypt from east to west and north to south, we are working hard for you and hoping with your continuous support, we will be able to go beyond our expectations. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who worked hard and was patient to see this version out. 

All the writers in this issue and the wonderful Dr. Charlotte Booth for her hard work. It was a pleasure working with her during the past few months and having some heated discussions in order to make sure the work was well-presented to meet our readers’ satisfaction. 

The Cover story “Resurrection of the Sphinxes” is about the project of the revival of the Avenue of the Sphinx. It was chosen to be on the cover as this issue is the resurrection of Luxor Times in a new format with a new design (Thanks to our Art Director, Cristina Eleuterio). 

New format, New design, New beginning, New Year. 

Please, if you have any comments or thoughts to share with us, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at: [email protected]


Mena Melad

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