Start of work of the restoration project of the administrative building of the archaeological Suez Canal Authority

Dr. Gamal Mostafa, head of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish Antiquities Department at the Ministry of Antiquities, visited the administration building of the Suez Canal Authority, located in the first district of the city of Ismailia and registered in the Islamic and Coptic monuments in 2004, In order to determine the start of the project of restoration of the building.

Accompanied him during the tour Dr. Mohamed Tamman, Director General of the Antiquities of Lower Egypt, a number of officials of the inspection of antiquities in the region, and engineers from the Arab Contractors Company.

Dr. Mustafa explained that in the framework of cooperation between the Ministry of Antiquities and the Suez Canal Authority, the Standing Committee for Islamic Antiquities agreed that the Arab Contractors Company to start the restoration work, under the complete archaeological and engineering supervision of the Ministry of Antiquities, adding that the Suez Canal Authority will finance the work of the project.

The building of the old Suez Canal Authority is located in the first district of the city of Ismailia, it separates it from the Delispace Street Break, it is the first building used for the Suez Canal Authority, that was opened in 1869. The building combines the Arab Islamic and European character. It consists of a rectangular area A large open by the units of the building that consists of more than one hundred rooms and the most important is the penthouse that advance the rooms and are mounted on wooden poles and covered by a wooden ceiling in the form of flap as there is a corridor or basement leads to a break Dalybes.

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