421 Artifacts Transferred to GEM

More than 420 artifacts have been transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square (downtown Cairo) to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Remaya Square (near the Giza Pyramids Plateau).

Two seated statues of King Khafre and King Amenhotep were among the transferred artifacts, said Dr Tareq Tawfiq, director general of the restoration department at the GEM. The headless statue of King Khafre is made of schist, Dr Tawfiq said.

He added that a statue of Osiris (god of the dead in the ancient Egyptian civilization) and a collection of sculptures from ancient Egypt, as well as heads of the goddess Hathor were also transferred to the GEM.

Issa Zidan, director general of initial restoration at the GEM, said a committee has already verified the transferred pieces and written a report stating the condition of each of them.

The artifacts were placed in 17 acid-free wooden boxes and ferried in vehicles equipped with anti-vibration units to guarantee a safe transfer, Zidan made it clear.

All the pieces are kept at the GEM restoration laboratories to be repaired.


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