Old Kingdom Statue To Be Repatriated To Egypt

The Egyptian Embassy in Amsterdam received a limestone statue that was displayed in one of the auctions in the Netherlands.

The Ministry of Antiquities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, succeeded in proving Egypt’s ownership of the archaeological artifact and smuggling it illegally from the Saqqara area since the 1990s, Shaaban Abdul Jawad, General Supervisor of recovered Antiquities Department at the Ministry of Antiquities said.

The statue was spotted in March 2018 within the European Exhibition of  beaux-arts in Amsterdam, and immediately reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which in turn informed the Dutch police, to take all the measures to reserve the artifact, and to tell the auction hall and holder of the artifact stolen from Egypt, Who expressed his willingness to hand over the archaeological artifact to Egypt, shaaban made it clear.

The piece is the upper part of a statue of a man standing with his arms next to him, wearing a short knight, and there are some hieroglyphic marks on the right arm and read “Ni Kau Ptah”, and dates from 2500-2000 BC, Abdul Jawad said.

The statuette belongs to a senior official of the state from the end of the Old Kingdom era and the beginning of the first transition period, called Ni Kau Ptah, it is a product of clandestine excavations in the Kom El-Khumasin region of Saqqara in the 1990s.


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