Ramses II to be Re-erected Next to Meritamen

The Ministry of Antiquities is overseeing a project to restore the statue of Ramses II located in Akhmim, an archaeological site in the Upper Egyptian city of Sohag, before re-erecting it in its original place next to the statue of Queen Meritamen.

The restoration project is part of efforts exerted by the Ministry of Antiquities to put Sohag on the international tourism map, especially after the Sohag National Museum was inaugurated last year.

It will include cleaning, re-assembling and archaeological archiving of the statue, said Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Moustafa Waziri.

The statue was unearthed in 1981 and was divided into several parts of various sizes of limestone.

The original height of the statue is 15 meters and it weighs about 45 tons.

Akhmim is considered the capital of the ninth nome (one of the thirty-six territorial divisions of Upper Egypt). Located on the east bank of the Nile, the ancient city of Akhmim was known as Khent-min during the Pharaonic era and includes a temple of King Ramses II and his daughter Meritamen.


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