Completed: The Open-Air Museum in Dendera Temple

In collaboration with a French archaeological mission – working in the area of Dendera- Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has completed the development of the area around the Dendera temple in Qena and turned it into an open-air museum, according to Dr. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.
This development included ten stone blocks have been created, used as bases to display the artifacts on them, which consists of 145 pieces, mostly to the Greco-Roman period and some to the Old and New Kingdom, Waziri made it clear.

Waziri added that the Mastabas (plural) were designed to suit the archaeological character of the area as well as the impact, which is better for visitors.
This project comes within the framework of the Ministry’s plan to develop various archaeological sites throughout the Republic, Waziri added. The formation of a committee to reorganize and prepare a new presentation scenario for artifacts found in the area since they were discovered in the temple’s Mamezzi store.

Abdul Hakim al-Saghir, director general of the ruins of the Dandara temple, said that the second stage includes a huge coffin made of pink granite, dating back to the Greco-Roman period, with Roman motifs, lotus and rose motifs, and a naos inscribed with a cartouche of King Tuthmosis the Third. These pieces range in weights between one ton and half a ton, and up to two tons.

The stone of the menorah, inscribed with the love ritual, was also included in the wall of King Tuthmosis the Third, and three column capitals engraved with the face of the god Hathor, the Lady of Dendara.

Al-Saghir pointed out that the first stage of the exhibition included statues of the god Bas, Hathor, Nakhbat and Wajit, who were depicted on Haya Saqr, a statue of the god Bas, and an engraved tablet.


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