Object of the Week at the Egyptian Museum

Two statues of Shepenwepet II

She was a daughter of King Piye (743-712 B.C) of the 25th dynasty. She held the title “god’s wife of Amun” which was a high position during the late period.

The first statue is a gilded schist statue of Shepenwepet II, found in the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu in Luxor.

The second one is a basalt forepart of a Sphinx of Shepenwepet II holding a ram-headed vase. It was found in Karnak Cachette, and excavated by G. Legrain for the EAS (Egyptian Antiquities Service) in 1904.

Sabah Abdel Razik, General Director of the Egyptian Museum, said that both statues are on display for a week at the entrance of the museum’s main gate.


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