Philae Temple Site Management Project Commenced

A project to upgrade the Philae Temple site in the Upper Egyptian city of Aswan has started under the auspices of the Ministry of Antiquities.

Waadallah Abul Ela, head of the projects sector at the Ministry, said the project includes removing weeds and wastes, as well as enhancing the efficiency of the Philae Marina on the Nile River.

Work is also underway to upgrade the entrance to the temple and place clear guide signs across the island and a map of the site with the aim to help visitors reach there, Abul Ela added.

Police checkpoints have been set up and an advanced security system connected with a control room will be used to secure the site, he noted.

Abdel Men’em Saeid, director general of monuments of Aswan and Nubia, said the Ministry already renovated walls and columns of the temple so that inscriptions become more obvious to the visitors.


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  1. Hopefully there will be attention to the temple of Osiris at Bigeh as well. Very poor condition as far as I know.

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