Egyptian-German Team Discover Ptolemaic Bread Baking Ovens

A German-Egyptian archaeological mission working in El Matareya (Od Heliopolis) has discovered several artifacts during 2019 season. The season’s work took place at Al Moaskar, Nectanebo I, and the 251 (Moataseem Street) sites.

At Al Moaskar site – which contains industrial workshops dating from the sixth century to the second century BC – Many reused objects were found in the workshops, which represent parts of the various temple elements. Some of these parts consist of royal statues of the 18th Dynasty and parts of carved limestone blocks. The mission also found at the western side of the site, a building from the Ptolemaic period containing bread baking ovens according to Dr. Aiman Ashmawy, the head of the Egyptian antiquities sector and the Head of Egyptian side of the Mission.

As for the area of the Temple of Nectanebo I, Dr. Dietrich Raue, the head of the mission, said that a group of basalt blocks were found that show inscriptions representing the nomes of Lower Egypt during Nectanebo I’s reign.

Other blocks of red granite were used in Nectanebo I’s temple as well as limestone blocks were parts of a chapel.

The discovery also include several parts of statues and architectural elements which refer to the possibility of the existence of a previous older temple dated back to the reign of King Mernptah.

Area 251 is a newly excavated site to the south-western side of the area, where the mission discovered a thick mud-brick wall extending from north to south. The discovered wall width measures 4.4 meters and covered with a layer of white mortar.

To the west of the wall, any parts of inscribed stones were unearthed including a quartz block bears an inscription showing Akhnaten in the form of a sphinx raising his arm and part of a plate depicting an “ear”, as well as two columns tops.

The mission also discovered 12 Ramesside burials at the site.


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