Live Exclusive Coverage: Dozens of Intact Ancient Egyptian Coffins and Mummies Discovered

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a large number of sealed beautifully decorated intact coffins containing dozens of mummies called it “Assasif Cachette”. The Ministry of Antiquities held a press conference to announce the details of the discovery. 30 coffins including one for men, women and children.

You can watch the press conference in the video. Speakers in Arabic first then English and followed by opening 2 coffins for the first time EVER.

Mummified remains of dozens of ancient Egyptians have been revealed at a newly discovered coffin cachette buried a few feet below the ground and a few meters away from known Nobles tombs in Theban necropolis in modern city of Luxor. In the vincinity of tomb TT33 of Padiamenope      Less than 2 miles away from the famous burial necropolis of the Ancient Egyptians Kings knowns as “Valley of the Kings”, a team of Egyptian archaeologists of the Ministry of Antiquities unearthed a large number of intact and beautifully coloured and decorated wooden coffins dated back to nearly 3000 years ago. 

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